There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Computer Screen. Do Not Attempt To Adjust The Picture. We Are Controlling Transmission. We Will Control The Horizontal. We Will Control The Vertical. We Can Change The Focus To A Soft Blur Or Sharpen It To Crystal Clarity. Sit Quietly And We Will Control All You Can See And Hear. We Repeat: There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Computer Screen. You Are About To Participate In A Great Adventure. You Are About To Experience The Awe And Mystery that is SciFi Hits.

Imagine If You Will An Unassuming Manual Traffic Exchange. However, This Manual Traffic Exchange Is Anything But Ordinary. When You Go Through The Looking Glass, You Will Enter An Alternate Reality, Where You Can Relax And Shop At Mos Eisley's Cantina, Visit With Your Friends From Other Planets, View A Meteor Shower Of Ads, And Collect A Galaxy Of Credits Without Ever Leaving Your Chair

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